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Villa Renata has four apartments available. Apartment Plavi, Studio, Zeleni and Bijeli. Each apartment has its own specifications and additional facilities. All apartments are located within Villa Renata. Plavi is located on the ground floor, Studio and Zeleni are located on the first floor. Bijeli is located at the second floor and is the only apartmant on the second floor.

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Image of Apartment Plavi (Terrace) Image of Apartment Plavi (Terrace)


Night: € 65,-
4 persons
Surface: 48 m2
Image of Apartment Zeleni Image of Apartment Zeleni


Night: € 75,-
4 persons
Surface: 60 m2
Image of Apartment Studio Image of Apartment Studio


Night: € 60,-
2+1 persons
Surface: 38 m2
Image of Apartment Bijeli Image of Apartment Bijeli


Night: € 140,-
6+2 persons
Surface: 120 m2